Episode 9: Refugee Crisis and more

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Concern UK https://www.concern.org.uk/

Dawns Page: https://my.rationchallenge.org.uk/dawnpreston?fbclid=IwAR1CEO_YDBWUjNfIGB5l55-WY6Dm_7cfLE4zOWD5Xgw72vo9Im-i5ZK-L0I

Ration Challenge
Drinking hot water

Living on the following for the week:

  • 2k Rice
  • 400kg Flour
  • 170g (fish) swapped for Almonds
  • 85g dried chickpeas
  • 1 can Kidney Beans
  • 330m veg oil
  • Plus the following earned 7 earned tea bags, 1 spice (Cumin), some salt, 170g veg (Spinach), 120g extra protean (Chickpeas to make some falafel).

Why she felt the need to do it

  • Don’t see enough about in the news about the plight of refugees. Over 5.6m fled Syria 6.6m internally displaced, 650k living in Jordan.
  • Good to realise how privileged we are to live in a democracy and the friends and family are well, can cook and have safe water and freedom and choice.
  • Important to recognition that people are displaced due to climate change
  • Spending time with young adults and know that some of those people would have been in food poverty and wanted to see what it’s like for them.
  • Recognition that people are displaced due to climate change


Welcome to nowhere – Elizabeth Laird

Sea Prayer – Khaled Hosseini (Writer of the Kite Runner)

Challenge Me – Screen Time

Moment on the Android Phone
(similar to the Screen Time app on the iPhone)

30 Days of Wild


Seed Bombs https://kabloom.co.uk/product/pollinator-beebom/?gclid=CjwKCAjw0tHoBRBhEiwAvP1GFQPYXA4041oJr907ZwtSRbBYx9C1c4Jw0tXN1UeaAK4USwSOHzuUNhoCBn8QAvD_BwE